About the Book

Skilled culinary instructor and pastry chef Fred Csibi-Levin takes all the guess work out of the getting picture-perfect (and absolutely delicious) macarons. This three-part guide focuses on breaking down complex techniques into accessible easy-to-follow steps with step-by-step photos that illuminate the mysteries of this notoriously fiddly cookie.

In part one, Fred walks readers through his master shell and macaron filling recipes alongside in-depth troubleshooting sections to answer every question before it’s asked.
In the second section of the book, Fred leads readers through showstopping macaron techniques that bring these cookies to the next level.

And in the third and final part, Fred shares exclusive recipes that dazzle and delight. With everyday favorites like Intensely Raspberry and Sea Salt Caramel, bright and fresh delights like Coconut Pineapple or Hibiscus and warm and cozy treats like Apple Tatin, Pumpkin Spice and Masala Chai, these recipes have something for everyone.

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With this superlative guide in hand, readers will not only be mastering macarons – they’re also building an understanding of the science behind their craft to allow for predictable perfection, every time.

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